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What is parent carer participation?


Parent carers can help pinpoint problems frequently experienced by families with disabled children. This knowledge is useful to professionals to help them improve how services are delivered so they better meet families' needs.


When parents and professionals work together, recognising each other's expert knowledge, informed decisions are made which make the best use of people's time and money. Over the last six years, we have continued to develop the parent carer participation agenda in Stockport and PIPS are now Stockport Local Authority co-production partners.


Understanding Parent Carer Participation and Parent Carer Forums


Ensuring the participation of parent carers is an underpinning principle of the Children and Families Act. It is helpful to consider this as two distinct aspects

1 – the individual participation of children, young people and their parent carers in their own assessments, plans and support and subsequent reviews of these.

2 – the strategic participation of children, young people and parent carers in local (and national) service design, delivery and evaluation.

The strategic participation of parent carers has been developed through the strengthening of parent carer forums in almost every local area in England. Parent Carer Forums are pan disability groups made up of parent carers from the local area. They usually have a broad membership and then a smaller group of representative parent carers who work directly with local authorities and health providers and commissioners. Evidence demonstrates that this active participation leads to improved service provision, take up and ultimately better out-comes for children and families.



Parent carer forums are funded by the Department for Education who provide a grant for one forum in every local area to support their participation and activity. The Department for Education also contract Contact a Family to provide support for parent carer forums, and where necessary their strategic partners. Each parent carer forum has a named regional advisor. However PIPS does receive funding from different sources to cover other work as it is very limited to what we can use the DfE funding for.  PIPS continues to apply for grants/funding throughout  the year.

National Perspective



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