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In May 2014, the Care Bill received Royal Assent and became the Care Act 2014. Some elements come into effect from April 2015, others come into effect from April 2016.


Implementation depends heavily on the detail in the 2015 regulations ( the 506 page Guidance document) and this is available on the Department of Health website. It outlines how all the different elements of the Act need to be implemented.


The changes coming into effect in April 2015 which impact directly on the Council include:


  • A duty to provide prevention, information and advice services.
  • A national minimum threshold for eligibility for both service users and carers.
  • New eligibility criteria has been published.
  • The entitlement for carers to assessment, support services and review equal to that of the service user.
  • The right for people who pay for their own care to receive assessment,  advice and support planning.
  • A universal system for deferred payments for residential care.
  • Statutory arrangements with regards to adult safeguarding.
  • Integrated health and social care arrangements.


The changes coming into effect from April 2016 which impact directly on the Council include:


A cap on the costs that people have to pay to meet their eligible needs.

A ‘care account’ giving people with eligible social care needs an annual statement of their progress towards reaching the cap, whether their care is organised by the local authority or not.

Extending the financial support provided by the local authority by raising the means test threshold for people with eligible needs.


Mark Warren

Head of Service – Disability Services / Safeguarding

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

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